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A Week of Crochet

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We have made it to the last Wednesday in September and autumn has definitely arrived now! The sun is actually shining today but there is a chill in the air and I've been sitting in my studio with my thick cosy cardigan on for most of the day. 
So this week I have been trying to get organised. I showed you last week the crochet stocking I had made, well I've now made a few more and I have been a bit naughty and already added them to my shop! I was supposed to wait until my Christmas launch, but never mind!

(Click the photo to see them in my shop)

I've also crocheted some stars to go in my Christmas Journaling Kits. The kits are nearly ready now. I've put everything in the boxes and I'm just waiting for a few last bits to arrive.

I've also been crocheting some pumpkins. I had an idea to make a garland, but I think I'm a bit late for this year. Maybe I'll do those next year! 

You may have noticed I haven't put up a Studio Vlog this week. I have decided to do them every two weeks, so there will be one up next Tuesday at 6pm. I really struggled this week, because I was doing quite a lot of crocheting and having a bit of a break from the studio, so I didn't get much footage, in fact I'm not sure I filmed anything! So I decided to take a bit of pressure off and do the vlogs fortnightly.

So I'm now going to get ready to go and fetch the boys. They've been at after school club today, so it's a later pick up, although the day still seems to go so quickly!

I hope you all have a lovely rest of your week and find some time to be creative. 

Take care. Erica x


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