I Did A Vlog!

Hello and welcome,
This week I uploaded my first studio vlog. I was definitely no where near my comfort zone with this one and I am really proud of myself for actually talking on  the camera.
Originally I was just going to have the clips of me working, with some background music. Then I just thought, if I'm going to do it, I've got to just go all in and speak to the camera. 
I must have done about 50 takes! It always takes me a few goes when I do my voiceovers, just to work out what to say and what sounds best etc. But then there was the added problems of me not looking at the camera, moving too much and just generally looking weird, ha ha! 
The next mistake was to ask the boys' what they thought. My youngest - Caleb - came in while I was editing and asked to watch it. He then called down his brother - my eldest Cooper - to watch. So I asked them if they thought it was ok. Cooper being the kind and gentle soul he is, hugged me and said it was very good. Caleb on the other hand just laughed! So I chose to ignore his feedback. 
Anyway my plan is to do a studio vlog every week and hopefully build up to being on the camera and talking more as I get more confident. 
If you would like to go and watch my first ever vlog (please be kind) click on the picture above and you'll be taken to YouTube.
Thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope you are having a wonderful week and are able to find some time to be creative.
Take care. Erica x

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