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The weeks seem to be speeding by at the moment and Wednesdays come round really quickly. 
This week I'm going to talk to you about my first stall I had at a show on Saturday.
If you follow me on INSTAGRAM you will probably know I did my first stall. It was very last minute, I only knew I was doing it late on Wednesday night and the show was the Saturday! Luckily I had watched a few YouTube videos about doing craft stalls, so I had a few tips that I used.
The main one was practicing the display. I knew the table would be 6ft by about 2ft, so I set up my display on my workbench of the same size and played around with it until I was happy with how it looked. I then took a photo on my phone so I could copy it on the day. 
I had a great day and it was really busy.
I made back the cost of the stall plus a little more. Washi tape was a big hit and I made most of my money from that. Although a lot of people were looking at my journals, I didn't sell any. I think it was the wrong event for them - it was an agricultural show - I only had four people come to the stall who knew about journaling or did journal. I'm hoping if I do some craft fairs they will be more popular.
Another tip was to have business cards, so people are able to go away, find you online and maybe purchase something after the event. I put a card in each bag, so everyone who bought something got one and I also put some around the stall for people to pick up and I did see quite a few people take them. So I would definitely recommend getting either business cards or flyers/leaflets, just something with your details on that people can take away with them.


So I'm really pleased I went and I have put my name down for next years show. I am planning to do some more events and will probably find some craft fairs too.

I mentioned last week that it was my birthday this week and I was thinking about doing a 'Birthday Sale'. Well, I have decided to do a 30% off when you spend £10 or over. This will be on both my Etsy and Online shop and for 9th September 00:01am - 12.59pm BST.

Thanks for catching up with me today. Have a wonderful rest of your week and I hope you find some time to be creative.

Take care. Erica x

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