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I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.
This week I am starting my new 'Journal With Me' video series and I'm so excited. I have already filmed 5 videos for it and I'm enjoying journaling again! 
This is the second spread I did and it was about teaching the boys how to cook pancakes.
I've struggled over the last year or so with journaling. I got so far behind and then we moved house and I didn't have all my supplies to hand. So I ended up just sticking the photos down and not really decorating the pages how I would have done before. I have done a flip through of the journal from last winter and you can watch it HERE.
I ended up not really liking that journal and I really didn't want that to happen again. Journaling is my hobby, my fun creative time and I didn't want to dread doing it again. So I got out a new journal and I decided to stop with the pressure to catch up, because I'm still months behind and plan to do a page every day/other day. 
It's also perfect that I am filming them, so it's making me plan them into my days too.
This is the page I did today about the boys buying Lego sets with their pocket
Thank you so much for stopping by today. I would love it if you headed over to watch my Journal With Me videos on my YouTube channel. My first one will be going up on Friday (27th August) and then every Friday at 6pm BST.
Have a lovely rest of your week and I hope you find some time to be creative.
Take care. Erica x

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