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Just wanted to pop on quickly today to share some exciting news. This week I joined the Patreon of Emily Harvey Art. I find her inspiring and enjoy watching her vlogs and following her Instagram, which is always so bright and uplifting. So I joined and have been catching up on all the content - podcasts, zoom meetings and I've joined her Discord, which is a wonderful community of creative people ready to support everyone. 
As I was looking through all the previous posts on Patreon I saw that Emily was putting on a showcase this weekend. I didn't think much of it in terms of joining as I just presumed I was too late to the party. However later on yesterday a new post went up asking anyone else who wanted to join to add their info to a spreadsheet that was shared. 
So I had a look and realised I wasn't too late and I could still join. So I added my name to the sheet and quickly put together a square to advertise my website. I'd joined and I was so excited. 
I spent the last couple of days finishes off 13 little Beatrix Potter journals. I've just finished uploading them all and I'm so happy with them. 
HERE is the link to the website, if you'd like to go and take a look at all the other wonderful creatives who are taking part, there are over 100 altogether and I'm so happy I've been able to join them all.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and I hope you can find some time to be creative.
Take care. Erica x

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