A look at May's layout sketch...

A look at May's layout sketch...


We're back for another monthly sketch chat. This is the third sketch and it has to be my favourite so far. May's sketch is quite a minimal layout, with only one photo but spread over two pages, it's got a really simple clean look and I really enjoyed creating my pages with it. 

So lets jump in and take a look...

  1.  firstly we have the title at the top of this first page. I like using alpha stickers and I find putting some washi tape underneath makes it stand out more from the page.

  2. washi tape along the top of the second page too. A smaller strip of coloured washi and I've added a phrase sticker on here too. Just a die cut  or sticker with a few words in keeping with the page.

  3. space for journaling here. Use a journal card that's a similar size to the photo on the opposite page.

  4. the main embellishments on these pages are these two tags. Cut some out of patterned paper/card or decorate them yourself. I've stapled some ribbon over the holes, it adds another texture and extra interest to the pages.

  5. I love adding these clusters of embellishments. My favourites to use are just circles and hearts that I punch out of scrapbook paper, with the odd die cut, sticker or enamel dot.

  6. your photo goes here!

  7. lastly I've added the date here on the side of the photo. I like using tabs to stamp the date on. I cut them in half and they are the perfect size and shape.

A few other embellishments dotted around the page and of course you can add patterned paper to the page if you need or want to. I think this will be a well used sketch. I'm loving the simplicity of the pages and it gives each element on the page space. As much as I like really full and busy pages, there's definitely room for some of these calmer pages, they are also very quick to create, if you are short on time!

I've noticed doing these blog posts about the sketches, how drawn I am to symmetrical layouts! I'd love to know thoughts and what layouts you're drawn to. Do you like the symmetrical layouts or do you prefer your pages to be different and unregimented?


Here is my finished layout and I'm really happy with it. You can watch me create these pages in this week's Journal With Me video. Just click on the photo above to go and watch.

If you'd like to download this sketch to use yourself, you can get it HERE. I hope you you like it and if you create any pages with my sketches I would love to see them, you can tag me @cornflower_lane on Instagram.

I'll be back soon with a post about adding hidden journaling to your memory keeping pages and next month with another sketch layout discussion.

Thanks for stopping by and we'll catch up soon. 

Take care.

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