Memory Keeping Workshop - Using ribbon on your pages

Memory Keeping Workshop - Using ribbon on your pages


Welcome to the second Memory Keeping Workshop. This time we are looking at using ribbons on your journal pages. Let's jump straight in and look at my first example.

So this is a great way to use ribbon. I have used a tag here as a flip out and I've used the ribbon as a tab to open the flip out. This is the only one that I'm showing you that isn't just for decoration and is also functional, it has a use, as well as adding colour, a bit of interest and looking pretty on the page.


These second examples are similar to the first, but instead of the tag being a flip out these ones are glued down and I've stapled the ribbon to it. It's great to incorporate the colours of your page. I love using two different ribbons and you can use a mix of plain and patterned ribbons.

Thirdly I have a couple of examples on this page. I have made a little bow and I've also used an off-cut of the ribbon to make up this sweet rosette. 

This fourth example I've just used a piece of ribbon like washi tape and glued it down the side of this photo. It's nice to use it as a different texture and gives the page a tactile element and it great for using up little scraps of ribbon that perhaps don't have any other use.

The fifth and final example for today is this pom pom trim. I suppose I am cheating a bit as it's not really ribbon, but never mind! I've added this to the top of the page and it pops out at the top when the journal is closed, so as well as adding colour and interest when you are looking at the page, it also gives a pop of colour and looks so pretty when the journal is closed.

Thank you so much for joining me today for the second workshop blog and do let me know if you use any of these ideas, or if you have some more of your own to share. I would love to hear from you!

Take care,
Next time I'll be looking at ways to add hidden journaling to your pages.
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