Memory Keeping Workshop - Hidden journaling on your pages

Memory Keeping Workshop - Hidden journaling on your pages


I hope everyone is having a lovely summer.

I'm finally back today with another memory keeping workshop. So today I'm going to talk about hidden journaling. Sometimes you don't want the journaling on your page to distract you from the photo or other focal point, other times you might not want the journaling to be seen because it's personal. Whatever reason, some ideas for hiding journaling are always good to have.

So let's jump in and have a look at my first example.

(Watch me create these pages HERE.)

So this is probably one of the easiest ways to hide your journaling. A flip out is so versatile. Not only does it give you more space on your page, you can add a photo on the front, have a quote to fit your layout or even add your page title to it. So adding your journaling is just one of it's many benefits. Here I have cut up a birthday card to use as the flip out. You can use anything you want, a piece of coloured paper, a journal card, a greetings card or even just make your patterned paper that you are using on your page slightly wider and fold it at the edge of your page. I've added a photo below so you can see what I mean.

Now the next couple of examples are also flip outs, but these aren't as simple as the first. 

  (Watch me create these pages HERE.)

This one is made out of an envelope. It's quite good because even if you open the flip out the journaling is still slightly hidden. Again great for giving you extra space on your page too. I really like the effect of this one.

(Watch me create these pages HERE.)

So this one is similar to the other one and gives an extra hiding spot. This is a double flip out and gives you a good amount of space to journal and still keep it hidden and also adds a lot interest and interaction to your page.

I made this with 2 journal cards ( I have made one before with four cards, so you can play around with the number). Tape them together first and add your photos and or journaling. Washi tape is perfect as it also adds colour and decoration. You could use normal tape too and if you don't want it showing, you can cover it with a strip of coloured/patterned paper or ribbon.

Then tape one of the cards to your page. If you want it to open and then flip down, like mine above, you tape the top card and if you want it to flip up you would tape the bottom card to the page.

The fourth example is another super easy one. 


 (Watch me create these pages HERE.)

Hide your journaling in a pocket. So this is very simple to do and is very effective. This one I did above was not done for hiding the journaling, I used this just for extra space, so the pocket doesn't quite cover all the writing. However you could easily make the pocket big enough so whatever you write your journaling on is completely hidden from view. Just have a small tab sticking out so it's easy to pull from the pocket. I used a record card to write my journaling on and I find they are a great size and are already lined both sides, so you can fit a lot of writing on them.

For the pocket I just cut some patterned paper to size, I added a border punch to the edge to add decoration and because I wasn't bothered about some of this writing showing. I then used double sided tape along three sides and stuck it down. Really simple, easy and effective.

The fifth and final example for today is one that I thought of doing a few months ago and was excited to try it out.

 To be honest this wasn't the best page to use this on, because I had too much journaling so ended up having to write on the whole circle. But my idea was that you wrote on just half of the circle which then would spin round and be hidden underneath the photo. I am so pleased with how it worked out and I will definitely be doing it again on a spread with less journaling.

To make it I cut out a circle from a piece of card. I then marked on the back of the photo where the circle would be behind it, so I didn't stick that part down. You will then need a brad and to make a hole through the circle and the page. It might be easier to write on it before you attach it, just mark where the edge of the photo will be so your journaling doesn't go past it. Once you've done that you can attach it with the brad and stick down your photo. You can decorate the other half of the circle, just make sure you don't use anything 3D as it won't spin round.

If you would like to watch me create this, I filmed it for one of my Journal With Me videos and you can watch it HERE.

Thank you for stopping by today and I hope you have enjoyed this very delayed workshop. Please let me know if you use any of these ideas and which is your favourite. I would also love your suggestions for workshops. Is there anything you would like me to look at and show you some examples of?

Enjoy the rest of your summer and I'll be back soon with another workshop.

Take care

P.S next time I will be talking about making your own embellishments.

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