Memory Keeping Workshop - Flip Outs

Memory Keeping Workshop - Flip Outs


Welcome to the first post in a new series I'm starting on my blog. Each month I will be looking at a different journaling idea for your memory keeping and this month we are looking at flip outs.

Flip outs are great! They enable you to get more on a page, effectively giving you an extra page, without having to use another page in your journal. They also add interest to the page and an element of interaction, which is a lot of fun when someone is looking through the journal.

I've got a few examples of flip outs I've added to my journals to show you and we're starting with this simple one...

So this Flip out is probably the easiest to add to your page and it's just made using a journaling card (you could also use scrapbook paper cut to size, playing cards or anything similar) and some washi tape, which acts as the hinge.  This is the simplest way to attach it and the one I use the most. Here I've attached it to the edge of the page and it has given me the extra space to journal on the back, as well as having a nice quote on the front when it's closed.

I have two versions of the second flip out to show you...

These flip outs are made using an envelope. They are great cause not only do you have the extra space for journaling and or photos, you also have a pocket to add letters, tickets and other ephemera.

The top one I have attached at the bottom of the envelope using washi tape again as the hinge and then when you flip it open you can see it looks like an envelope and you can open it and take out what's inside.

The bottom one I have stuck the flap of the envelope to the back of the page, which then acts as the hinge. The washi tape here isn't acting as the hinge and is just for extra strength. 

Now I think I might have lied earlier, because this next example really is the simplest, both in terms of making it and the supplies you  need...There are actually two flip outs here, both made a similar way, but let's start with the biggest one. I have made this with a piece of scrapbook paper, folded it in half and stuck one side down to the page. The other half then acts like a flip out and this one looks more like another page due to its size. 

The second one is smaller and that again is some scrapbook paper and I've folded about 1/2 inch at one end and stuck that down to the page, which is the hinge for the flip out. As I said this way is super easy as all you need is some paper and glue, no washi tape needed!

This next one is similar to the first I showed you...

I have used a tag as the flip out. Again washi tape is used as the hinge and I've attached this one at the bottom of the tag, but you could just as easily attach it down the long side. This next example is a super duper flip out...


This is so much fun to make and you can really increase the space on one page, as well as adding interest and intteraction. This is made with journaling cards and again the washi tape as hinges. I've also added some extra security by stitching over the washi tape to act as a second hinge. I used my sewing machine but this would be quite easy to do by hand. So the main card is attached to the page as normal, using washi tape. However before you stick it in you need to attach cards to the other three sides well. You can do this with washi tape, washi tape and stitching (like I've done above) or even just the stitching. You may need to play around a bit and make sure they all close and the hinges aren't too tight. I've also added a little ribbon tab onto each of these cards. I like adding tabs to my flip outs as I think it makes it more obvious that there is something to open, as well as giving you something to open it with.

That brings us to the last of my examples, for today at least... Now this one is very similar to the easiest one above. Again it's just made using scrapbook paper and glue. I've folded a rectangle of scrapbook paper/card into three sections. Then I've glued the middle section to the page, so there is a section that flips up and one that flips down.

This is similar but I've used a little card that came in a parcel, so the folding was already done for me. I then used some double sided tape to stick the middle section onto the page, but leaving a gap in the middle so I could use it as a pocket/belly band. Again really effective and gives you the extra space as well as the addition of a pocket!

I hope you've enjoyed looking through these journaling ideas. I have more examples which I might share with you in another blog later. But for now these have been a good selection and hopefully given you some inspiration and ideas to try in your own journals.

I would love to hear from you, so let me know if you give any of these a try, or share any of your own tips and ideas.

Take care,

Next time I'll be sharing ideas about using ribbon in your journal spreads. 

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