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5 Things About Me

Hello, welcome or welcome back, thanks for stopping by today.

I am busy getting packed ready to move house when this post goes out. But I just wanted to get something on here for you all and I thought a quick ‘5 things about me’ would be a good idea.

So here we go -

  1. I am mummy to 2 boys aged 9 & 6 (7 in 8 days) 
  2. I grew up riding horses and owned a horse for 10 yrs
  3. I trained to be a florist when I left school at 17
  4. I got married on a beach in Scotland. The beach is actually in a film called Local Hero.
  5. I love rock music

If you would like to ask me any other questions, or would like to tell us 5 things about yourself, please leave a comment below. I would love to get to know some of you. 

I have lots of plans for this blog when I’m moved and settled, so can’t wait to share that with you. Exciting times ahead.

Take care


P.S I added the photo of this flower cause it's so pretty. It's an aster from a bunch my husband bought me and they were such a beautiful, vibrant colour. x

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