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Big News!

Welcome to this weeks blog post, it's great to have you here.


We have just found out we will be moving house next week. I'm so excited, not only will we have more space throughout the whole house, I will have more space for creating, because I am getting my own dedicated room for a studio. I cannot wait!!

Spring view from my kitchen window



I am currently set up in the corner of our kitchen. As I've made more products and bought supplies to make these products, I am fast running out of space and struggling to find things I need.


Autumn view from my kitchen window 


This also means I can hopefully solve one of the problems I have been having this week.

So this week I have finally finished my Christmas Journaling Kits. They are all ready to be photographed and listed in my shops. To add to this I have just joined Skillshare, it's a great online learning platform and I am really enjoying watching and listening to classes while I work. One of the classes I watched was about product photography and how you don't need much to get a good product photo. Great I thought this suits me perfectly and I did manage to get some good shots just by using daylight and a white board. But in some photos I was having to hold boards up and have one hand free and one to hold the product and I was doing it next to the kitchen sink, with the threat of dropping my products into the wet sink if I slipped. So in my head I'm already picturing white surfaces under the window all ready and set up for me to put my product on and click the camera. I have the whole room planned out in my head! I've probably gone completely OTT and when I get there it'll be half the size I remember and I'll only be able to fit a small desk in there lol.


It also means I can do a studio tour, which I really look forward to. Perhaps I should do one of where I'm working now so you can see a comparison and I can look back and remember where it all started.


A new product photo, taken by the kitchen window



I will also hopefully be able to expand on my videos, if I'm brave enough! I do my journal flip through videos in my lightbox because the natural light is so bad (we are in an old, small cottage). But there is no way I could do any other type of creative video in such a confined space. However with my own studio space, I will a) have more space to film and b) be able to get some ring lights etc to make the videos look good.


As we are moving next week, I might struggle to get a blog post up. So I will say see you in two weeks and I hope you can drop by to see my new studio and how I end up setting it up (hopefully not just one small desk!).


Thank you as always for stopping by.

Take care Ex


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