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I'm Back!!

Hello, it feels like I've not been here for so long. Unfortunately everything was so busy something had to give and that was my blog and YouTube videos. But things seem to be settling down a bit and I'm hoping I can get back to my previous routine, fingers crossed.

So I thought today I would update you on my studio. Since the previous post, my work bench has arrived and been made and I love it. Here it is nearly finished, just missing the shelves.

Tomorrow I have shelving units and storage drawers and boxes arriving and then all I need is a corner desk.

I've also bought a new tripod for doing overhead videos and I'm hoping I can start doing some journal with me videos and also some process videos on how I make some of my products.

So this is how everything is looking at the moment. There is still a lot of stuff waiting to be organised, so I'm looking forward to getting it all tidied when the rest of the storage arrives.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I won't be gone so long next time. Please follow me on Instagram - cornflower_lane if you would like to keep updated on new products added to both my Etsy shop and my website. I am close to 1000 followers and I am going to do a journal giveaway when I reach that. Exciting things planned.

Take care Ex


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