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Playing Around With My Branding.

Hello everybody, how are we all doing? 

I've taken a bit of a break from the Studio over the last few weeks. There was a lot going on and I couldn't fit everything in. But we seem to have got our heads round our new way of life and got into a bit of a routine, so this week I've been spending some time making and creating again and I feel so much better for it!!

I've been planning some Valentine's themed journals and looking into some new products, which I'm very excited about. 

I've also been designing some new branding. I love doing this and could play around for hours with all the ideas I come up with. I think I have finally narrowed it down and have decided on my new brand colours. Would you like the first look?


So these are the colours I've chosen and after a few different designs I think this is the logo...

But that might change as I have a few other ideas on the go and I might change my mind again. I was thinking of doing a poll on Instagram, to see what people think on there. 

I'm looking forward to having more time over the weekend to spend in my studio and getting some of my 'to do' jobs ticked off.

Stay safe everyone and see you back here soon.

Take care E x



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