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The Making Process

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Hello, welcome to the Cornflower Lane Studio.

Thank you for stopping by. Today I'm going to show you what I was making last week. I hope you enjoy reading about the process and seeing how I make one of my products.

The beginning of last week I started making some travelers notebook inserts to add to my shop.

I start by choosing the scrapbook papers for the covers. Then the papers I'll add for the pages. I choose a mix of vintage, handmade, tea dyed, recycled and patterned papers. This is my favourite part. I love matching the patterned papers and finding lovely vintage book pages to include. I get excited if I find a page with a lovely picture on as I love the added colour and interest it brings to the notebook.

Once I've got all the papers together, I count out the number I'll need of each and then I start cutting them all roughly down to size. I made these the standard size of 21cm x 11cm. After cutting and folding I sort them into piles. This is when I start putting the books together and I have to fight my need to have all the pages in the same order. Although you can see from the neat piles below, there is still a bit of my over organised mind that fights through.

I enjoy the repetitiveness of this part. I normally have a creative You Tube video on while I work my way though these and before I know it they are all full and it's on to the next stage.

Now, before I said I cut the pages roughly to size. This is because it isn't until this stage that you can see what size each page needs to be. The pages towards the middle of the book are going to be narrower than the ones at the front. So I now go through each book separately and cut each of the pages so they all sit nicely inside the cover with nothing overhanging.

If any of you follow me on Instagram (@cornflower_lane), you might have already seen this new tool. My dad made me a book binding cradle and jig and it has made this next step a lot easier. I clip the pages together, sit it in the cradle, line up the jig and make 3 holes in the fold of each book.

We are nearly there I promise.

The last step is the binding. I use a waxed thread so it is strong. I've got various colours, so I choose the colours depending on the colour of the covers. Then using a needle I thread it through each hole - out of the middle, into the bottom, out of the middle again and into the top (in case you were wondering the order) then tied in the middle.


And there you have it, some lovely vintage style, hand bound travelers notebooks. After photographing them all, I then list them on my Etsy store and my website

I am so happy I found such a creative way to spend my days. It makes me really happy and I love thinking up new ideas of things to make, 

Thank you for visiting today. I hope you liked learning about how I make these notebooks and I hope I can show you the making process of some of my other products. I'm currently working on some Christmas Journaling Kits, which I can't wait to show you all. 

See you soon. Take care.

Erica x



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